What's New

Windows Phone Dictionary +


  • Phrasebook with 20 categories such as Conversation, Asking Directions, Accommodations, Making Friends, Flirting and Emergencies.

  • Search phrasebook by keyword or browse by category.

  • Listen to phrases pronounced in both languages.

  • Implemented "Word of the Day" live tile which flips every few seconds to display daily word and summary translation.

  • Added setting to show or hide "Word of the Day" banner in Dictionary.

  • Localization of menus and help text based on language selected in Windows Phone Settings.

  • Fixed issue of transitioning between dictionary and German verb conjugator.

  • Added high-resolution flag icons for high-end Windows Phones.

  • Released Portuguese English Dictionary + with Brazilian Portuguese entries, phrases and verbs.

  • Added menu choice for in-app products; Extended Dictionary, Extended Verb Conjugator & Extended Phrasebook.

  • Improved detection & alert if text-to-speech is not installed. Switches to online TTS if device has internet access.

  • Changed support link to mobile responsive web page.

  • Improved app icons.


  • Dictionary with over 80,000 offline entries. In-app product to extend dictionary to over 650,000 entries.

  • Extended dictionary includes online lookup of words not found in device dictionary.

  • Implemented single index search so users don't have to select language before entering search string.

  • Verb conjugator with over 1,500 verbs conjugated in all major tenses. In-app product to extend verb conjugator to over 6,400 verbs.

  • Implemented text-to-speech audio (tts) for dictionary keywords.

  • Added clear search filed icon.

  • Support for Windows 8 themes to customize colors.