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"Apps from Vidalingua are hugely popular... they're free and they work offline, handy when you're actually abroad."
New York Times

"Incredibly practical. I used solely this app to research French vocabulary during my 4 recent months in France. My language competence is quite high, so this was the perfect app for me. It also works offline, which was VERY helpful. 10/10!"

"This application not only has an extensive selection of vocabulary words and phrases (both colloquial and formal), but also has a translation feature and keeps a record of all the translations. Learning a language is hard work, but on top of the many things one can do to learn a language, I really don’t think I could have done it as quick as I did without this application on my iPhone. It’s beautifully made."

"As a student studying French, this app really helps with accurate word translation for a better understanding of the word. This also give me a better understanding with pronunciation and seeing how a word is defined in other languages. I highly recommend this app to those who want to learn a different language and travel."

"I do a lot of work overseas, traveling from one country to the next, and I use this app frequently! You would be surprised at how many people who don’t speak English do speak French. You obviously have to have an understanding of the language, but whenever I am at a loss for words I whip out this trusty app on my iPhone and “Voila!” I have the answer!"

"I’m a seasoned french learner, and this app is great for continuing to expand my vocab + translation skills with the added bonus of having imbedded audio! 10/10 recommend, plus very easy to use!"

French Translator iPhone

French Translator Dictionary + transforms your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into advanced language assistants.

Whether you are a student or a world traveler, French Translator Dictionary + includes everything you need to improve your French. An accurate phrase translator, comprehensive dictionary and verb conjugator provide a strong foundation to build your language skills. Unique features such as annotating dictionary entries, split screen for iPad and Apple Watch support take learning French to the next level.

French Translator Dictionary + is the highest rated app of it's kind. Over 14 million users have improved their language skills with Vidalingua language apps. Download French Translator Dictionary + from the App Store for free and start learning French today!


  • Offline Phrase Translator using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented by the Human Intelligence (HI) of our linguists, to deliver the best translations of any app.
  • Photo Translator. Take a picture and translate any text in the image.
  • Voice Translator. Say a phrase in one language and translate it to another.
  • Text Translator. Type or copy text and generate accurate translations.
  • French English Dictionary with over 753,000 offline entries. Includes numerous translations, usage examples, part-of-speech, images, and gender for French nouns. Compiled and updated by professional linguists.
  • Best verb conjugator of any app including 7,679 French verbs, 4,318 English verbs. Over 1,329,730 verb forms in all!
  • Phrasebook with 20 categories such as Conversation, Asking Directions and Making Friends.
  • Multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes.
  • Flashcards. Create study lists based on dictionary favorites.
  • Offline pronunciation in French & English. Settings for speed and accent (France, Canada, US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland).
  • iPad Split Screen support so you can drag & drop words from other apps into French Translator & Dictionary + to translate them.
  • Apple Watch support with voice lookups so you can say a word and find translations quickly.
  • Advanced voice recognition to enter words and phrases hands-free. Useful for practicing pronunciation.
  • Helpful dictionary features such as single index search, reverse lookup and sharing entries with friends.
  • Integrated access to Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other online sources for dictionary words.
  • Dictionary word attachments for notes, images and audio clips.
  • My Phrases section of phrasebook to add your own translations.
  • Vidalingua Plus includes more dictionary examples, more verb forms, a bigger phrasebook and no ads. By upgrading, you’ll be supporting our team of linguists, developers and customer success partners who greatly appreciate your support!
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Are you trying to ace a test for French class? French Translator Dictionary + has the tools you need to get an A.

Our translator uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide accurate results on your iPhone and iPad. But as any teacher will tell you, no translator is perfect. So our app includes a comprehensive dictionary with real-world content like French Slang Words and Sayings to help you make friends around the world.

Verb conjugation is critical to mastering French. Our app contains over 1,329,730 verb forms so you can practice your conjugation tables. You'll also find a phrasebook, vocabulary quizzes and flashcards to insure you succeed in high school, college and beyond.



Keeping students engaged is a challenge for any language teacher. High school and college students spend much of their time glued to their smartphones. Why not have them use that time to learn French?

Our linguists research topics such as Interent Slang and Funny French Idioms that appeal to students of all ages. Our apps are customizable so your class can create translator study list, annotate dictionary entries and add usage examples.

Students can download Vidalingua apps for free. They are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop computers so that all your students have access. Teachers can request evaluation copies by sending an email to

Language Schools

Nothing replaces classroom learning with an experienced instructor. But iPhone apps can improve school success rates by providing students with language learning tools they can use outside of the classroom.

We partner with the best language schools in New York, Paris and around the world. We strive to make learning French fun and effective for every student.

Apple provides discounts to educational institutions that bring the cost of iPhone apps down to a fraction of comparable language learning resources.

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Planning a trip to Paris, Canada or the South of France? French Translator + can help you make it an experience you'll never forget.

Our apps include regional dialects such as French Canadian so you can learn to speak like a local. French Translator Dictionary + includes a phrasebook to help you get through customs, ask for directions and order food in a restaurant. The translator uses artificial intelligence to deliver quality results.

French Translator Dictionary + is the only iPhone app that allows you to add notes, pictures, audio and phrases to dictionary entries. It transform your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into an engaging travel companion. Most features work offline which is handy when visiting another country.


Do your teams work with international associates, partners or clients? Knowing a little French can go a long way in building strong relationships.

French Translator Dictionary + is easy to use and employs advanced features to increase effectiveness. It provides regional dialects and colloquialism that are useful to business travelers. With over 14 million users, Vidalingua is a leader in language translator apps. People in some of the most prestigious organizations in the world use our apps.

Vidalingua apps are cost effective. Prices are considerably lower than Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Babbel and other vendors. Coupled with Apple discounts for Volume Purchases, the ROI is a slam dunk. Apple provides tools that IT administrators can use to deploy Vidalingua apps to iPhones and iPads across your organization.

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