Learning Language + for iPhone

Learning Language + is an iPhone app that helps students become proficient in languages like French, Spanish, Italain & German in the shortest time possible. Learning Language + does this by focusing on real-life conversations instead of vocabulary and grammar.

Lessons start with Greetings, Conversation and Essentials in the order you would need them on a trip to France. Subsequent lessons address topics like getting through Customs, Taking the Bus and checking in to a Youth Hostel. There are over 100 lessons in all including Making Friends, Surfing and Flirting.

Learning Language + is currently in development and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please browse this page and answer a 5-minute survey at the bottom. We looking forward to working with you make Learning Language + the best apps for becoming proficient in a language.

Learning French + includes a Learning Companion, represented by a Panda in the screenshots below. The Learning Companion encourages users as they progress through lessons, and provides Help Tips. When a Help Tip is available, the Companion animates for 5 seconds or until tapped.

  • If the Companion is animated and tapped, display tooltip with Help Tip.
  • If the Companion is stationary and tapped, go to Help Screen.
  • The Companion smiles or frowns based on Exercise answers.

Learning French Lessons


  • Display table view with list of lessons.
  • iOS system language phrase should be shown first, followed by study language.
  • Tap lesson to go to Phrases Screen.
  • Tap Heart icon in tab bar to go to Favorites Screen.
  • Tap Chart icon to go to Statistics Screen.
  • Tap Magnify Glass to display Search Screen.
  • Tap Gear icon to go to Settings Screen.
  • Set bookmark to last Lesson studied and move list to display last Lesson at top of screen.

Display the Learning Companion in the navbar. If user doesn’t select a tab option after 3 starts, offer Help Tips below and reset counter.

  • Show favorite phrases.
  • Show statistics.
  • Search phrases.
  • Customize settings.

Learning French Greetings


  • Tap back arrow to return to Lessons Screen.
  • Tap phrase to hear it pronounced.
  • Press phrase to bring up tooltip; Favorite | Copy.
  • If user taps Favorite, then add phrase pair to Favorites and display heart icon.
  • If user taps Copy, then copy phrase to clipboard.
  • Tap Heart icon to remove from Favorites and hide heart.
  • Tap Right Arrow to go to first Exercise.
  • Tap Play icon in tab bar to cycle though Phrases & Exercises.

Help Tips

  • If user doesn’t tap phrase after entering screen 3 times “Tap on phrase to hear it pronounced.”
  • If user doesn’t press phrase after entering screen 6 times “Press phrase to Favorite or Copy.”

Learning French Favorites


  • Same as Phrases Screen but filtered for Favorites.

Learning French Statitics


  • Allow user to select a Goal. Default to 5 phrases a day.
  • Phrase is considered studied if user initiates one exercise, regardless if completed.
  • When user achieves Goal, Companion animates and displays alerts “Daily goal achieved!”
  • Display bar chart with number of phrases studied for last 7 days.
  • Streak is the number of consecutive days user opens app. If user misses a day, reset to 0.
  • If user hasn’t opened app by noon & Streak > 0, display Notification “Keep your streak going!”

Help Tip

  • If user doesn't select Goal after 5 seconds enterring the screen, diplay tooltip "Tap to select a daily Goal."

Learning French Search


  • Return phrases matching searching string.
  • Implement fuzzy search so that “wether” returns “What is the weather forecast?”
  • Index all words so that “bad english” returns “My English is very bad."

Learning French Settings


  • Set default Study Language to be language other than system language. For example, if system language is English, then set default Study Language to French, Spanish, etc.
  • Set audio speed and accent for English and Study Language.
  • When user moves slider or chooses accent, say “What’s up dude?” (US), "Hello governor." (UK), "G'day mate." (Australian), and “How are you?” translated into all other languages.
  • If Daily Phrase selected, create Notification with random Study Language phrase.
  • If Streak > 0, create Notification “Keep your streak going!”.
  • Select Play Exercises (minimum 1) to cycle through if user taps Play button on Phrases Screen.

Help Tips
If user doesn't tap anything for 3 seconds after enterring screen, diplay tooltips below.

  • Set audio speed.
  • Try a different accent.
  • Stay motivated with notifications.
  • Choose exercises in Play mode.

Learning French Word Jumble

Word Jumble Exercise

  • Press Back to return to Phrases Screen and break out of Play mode if enabled.
  • Show phrase in non-Study Language.
  • Display Study Language phrase words in random order.
  • If user taps on right word, move it middle, change text color to green & play Correct sound.
  • If user taps on the wrong word, play the Incorrect sound.
  • When phrase is complete, add punctuation, pronounce phrase and Companion smiles.
  • If user select Play mode, then wait 2 seconds and advance to next Exercise.

Help Tip

  • If user doesn't tap word after 3 seconds after enterring the screen, diplay tooltip "Tap first word in the sentence."

Learning French Pronunciation

Pronunciation Exercise

  • Tap Back to return to Phrases Screen and break out of Play mode if enabled.
  • Show phrase in Study Language and black microphone.
  • Wait 1 second, then pronounce phrase with TTS.
  • Tap phrase to pronounce Study Language phrase again.
  • Press and hold microphone, turn microphone green, start recording, display audio animation.
  • Release microphone to end voice recording.
  • If voice string is same as Study Language phrase, then play Correct Sound.
  • If user select Play mode, then wait 2 seconds and advance to next Exercise.
  • If user fails to pronounce 3 times, then display "Skip" below microphone and advance to next exercise if tapped.

Help Tip

  • If user doesn't tap word after 3 seconds after enterring the screen, diplay tooltip "Press and hold microphone to record."

Learning French Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Exercise

  • Show phrase in Study Language.
  • Show translated phrase and 3 other randomly selected phrase from lesson.
  • If user taps translated phrase, play Correct sound and turn phrase green.
  • If user taps other phrase, play Incorrect sound.
  • If user select Play mode, then wait 2 seconds and advance to next Exercise.

Learning French Premium

Premium Screen

  • If user taps on lesson 11 or above show Premium Screen.

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