iOS Text-To-Speech Issues

The online text-to-speech option in iOS VidaLingua dictionaries is not currently working. This article provides a work around, more details about the issue and what we are doing to resolve it.


iPhone and iPad
Tap the speaker icon at the top right of any dictionary word screen and turn off the switch for Use better quality online voices when available. Then make sure the volume is turned up and try again.

What happened

VidaLingua dictionaries use a Google text-to-speech service which has been accessible since 2010. Google appears to have restricted public access to the service without warning.

What we are doing

On many devices, the online TTS option provides higher quality pronunciations than local TTS engines. We are working on ways to resolve the issue in addition to evaluating alternatives such as iSpeech, Dragon and open source solutions. Long term, we would like to develop our own TTS engine with unique and interesting voices.

How you can help

At VidaLingua, we consider our users to be part of the team. If you have recommendations for TTS engines we could integrate, or you know somebody with experience developing TTS engines, contact us by email at info@vidalingua.com

As always, we are doing our best to Bring Language Apps to Life © by putting users at the center of the learning experience.

We greatly appreciate your patience and support!

Marc Bolh
Lead Sherpa

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