GrowPro and VidaLingua partner to help students go to Australia

The Spaniards have landed on VidaLingua shores!

The Spanish have always been well known for their exploration skills, and yearn to explore the world; from the late 1400's with Christopher Columbus to modern day backpackers, anywhere you go around the world, expect to see a handful of lively, entertaining and downright fun Spaniards. Now whilst the Brits arrived and settled in Australia first, it still hasn't stopped thousands of Spaniards from packing their bags and flying halfway across the world to call Australia home.

One of the biggest struggles when packing up and moving abroad is learning the language of the country you plan to live in, with modern day technology such as smart phones, it's easier than ever to not only practice your English before you head off overseas but also means you'll have the right word or phrase in your pocket.

That is why we at VidaLingua are proud to announce our new partnership with the amazing people at GrowPro, a company which was set up to provide a comprehensive support platform for Spanish speakers wishing to seek a brighter future on Australian shores. Their mission is simple; to provide reliable and honest information on what Australia is all about; the real possibilities in studying or working in Australia. Not only this but they help you every step of the way, from just a simple enquiry, to helping you get the keys to your new place at Bondi. They also run awesome monthly events!

“Moving to Australia for work or studies can be challenging. GrowPro is the leading support platform for those who wish to pursue a better life in Australia. We are excited to partner with GrowPro to bring the Australian dream to so many.” Marc Bolh, Founder & CEO, VidaLingua.

Pablo, from GrowPro, knows this well “Students travelling abroad need good language skills to make the most of their trip. VidaLingua is the leader in making language apps that are engaging travel companions. That made VidaLingua the perfect partner for GrowPro.”

At VidaLingua, we want people to learn, to explore, to see the world, and live. With this new partnership, those using both VidaLingua and GrowPro services, will be able to achieve the smoothest transition possible for living in Australia.

by David Grover